As people who own and love dogs, we can be a powerful economic and political force for the welfare and well-being of our animals and for our right to own these animals. As part of the continuing efforts of Concerned Dog Owners of California to bring the size and scope of dog lovers and their activities to people who take decisions that affect us, we are putting together some demographic information on dog owners across the country. We need your help to take the attached survey and to also ask all the dog owners you know, regardless of how they interact with their pets, to also take this survey as we need thousands of responses. Your participation in taking and in passing along the survey will enable us to flex our muscles in many ways. Thank you. Directors of Concerned Dog Owners of California Glenda Brown Karen Crete Ted Crawford Pluis Davern Carol Esterkin Laura Finco Louis Krokover Bill McFadden Amy Rutherford Kimberly Meredith Cavanna Sharon Shilkoff Mike Stone Cathie Turner