New Product Development Outside Services Survey
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I appreciate the time you spend in completing this survey to help us better position our services. In recognition of your valuable time you will be entered into a drawing for 5 free hours of our Virtual Design Managers services. Thanks Much, Jeff Jorvig President, Jorvig Consulting Inc.
Required 1.
How likely are you to make use of an external service to help improve your New Product Development execution?
Never Possibly Likely Very Likely        
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Required 2.
Which of the following items do you believe present the biggest obstacles to a higher level of productivity for your new product development projects. Please select all that apply.
Team member communications between each other
Scope Creep/Feature Creep
Technical Skill Level
Product Design Tools
Requirements Closure
Project Scope and Planning
Management of the tasks and deliverables
Lack of clarity in the NPD flow (missing steps, missing documentation etc.)
Project load is over committed
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Required 3.
What are the reasons you would not be likely to make use of external services for improving your New Product Development process. Please check all that apply.
Lack of domain knowledge about your products/methods/indu-
Too Expensive, waste of money and time (prohibitive cost vs. value)
They typically have own agenda and not open minded. Autocratic by nature
You are already aware of all the issues and have solutions in mind
Would drain already limited resources
Perceived as a possible threat to job security (they would be doing your job)
Difficult to get financial approval
Bad previous experience with external source
No time to manage an external source
Poor image of consultants value (use your watch to tell you what time it is)
Team would view this negatively
No reason that prohibits use of external service
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Required 4.
Please select external services that present some value to you now or in the future. Please select all that you would consider using.
Product Planning and Project Execution Workshops
Enrichment of Team Collaboration
Design Management support services (sounding board, offload of tasks)
NPD Team Coaching or Leadership Development
Project/Program Management
NPD Process Discovery and Solution (Process Improvement)
Design Flow Development
Design Services (IC Design, RTL, synthesis, backend, STA etc.)
CAE Services (tools, tool assessment, scripts, environments etc.)
Technical Writing (specs, templates, guides, checklists etc.)
Product Requirements Closure (systems engineering)
Design team leader
Interim design management or team leadership
None, would not use external service
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Required 5.
How familiar are you with Jorvig Consulting's service offerings for New Product Development teams?
Not Familiar Some Familiarity Generally Familiar Very Familiar        
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What additions to our product offerings would be of value to your organization?

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