ENERGY-SAVINGS SURVEY What works and what doesn't We thank you in advance for your participation in this survey. The results promise to be extremely valuable, and you will be able to receive your own copy of them (and more -- see inside!), in appreciation for your time. This survey applies only to: 1. Those who manage their facilities. 2. Existing buildings, not new construction. 3. Buildings that have been occupied prior to January 2007. You will need access to your 2007 utility consumption data. Please get them in advance, as the survey may time out if you leave it for over 60 minutes. If you manage multiple buildings that qualify for this survey, please select the one most representative of good energy management techniques. You do not have to respond to all the questions. Other than in the first section (general questions), you may skip any questions for which you don't have information. The second section of the survey addresses your overall energy use, your building operating plan and automation systems, and any green certifications you may have. We then review recent energy performance, including any energy audits. This leads to questions (mostly "yes or "no) on detailed information about your HVAC, lighting, roofing and window systems -- what you have, and what you may be upgrading. By your providing your e-mail address at the end, we will send you the results as soon as they are ready. Your contact information will not be disseminated to any others, or used for any other purpose. If there is something that you feel is not working properly on this survey, please e-mail, and we will get it fixed right away. Because of the topic's importance, the survey may take 30 minutes to complete. We truly appreciate whatever you can contribute. Warning! Do NOT use your BACK button to go back, or you may lose your responses.