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Customer Service Survey

THANK YOU for allowing us to work with you on your latest project! It is our goal to exceed your expectations and we appreciate you taking a moment to rate our service and your experience with AVA.  Your responses are anonymous unless you provide your contact information below!

Would you recommend AVA to a friend or business associate?
Maybe soon!
Not yet!
Probably never!
Please answer the following based on your most recent experience:
 Always Usually Sometimes Never  
My account representative is always professional and courteous.  
Communications and specifications are clear and concise.  
Proposals are submitted in a timely fashion.  
Installation technicians are professional and courteous.  
Installation technicians are neat and professional in appearance.  
Phone calls are handled promptly and courteously.  
Are you confident in the technical capabilities of our staff?
All the time!
Not anymore!
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How satisfied are you with the following?

 Very Somewhat Neutral Little Not 
That you've developed a 'partnership' relationship with AVA?
That AVA understands the needs and operations of its customers?
With the availability of your contact for meetings and presentations?
With our service provided to you after the sale?
That AVA utilizes the optimum quality/price balance in quoting?
That my account representative contacts me on a regular basis?
That AVA is the best partner for your A/V needs?
What is AVA not doing that we could be doing to serve you better and make your life easier?

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What are the three most important criteria you look for when investing in our types of products and services?

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What have vendors or sales reps (from any company) done that really impressed you or made a difference in the sales process?

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Are you aware that AVA does: (Please check all that apply)
Event Staging and Production
In-House Equipment Repairs
Preventative Maintenance and Service Agreements
Video/Audio Production and Duplication
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We value your opinions and suggestions and if your latest experience hasn't been exceptional, we want to make it right! The information below is optional.

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THANK YOU for helping us to help you! We appreciate your business and the opportunity to earn your business! Edward J. Susco, President - esusco@avaonline.com