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Hello fellow bird hunters! Here's the second half of our survey.

I hope your hunting season is going well ... and safe, too. I hope your dogs stay healthy and your shots are straight, and you share the bounty of your hunts with friends and family including a few non-hunters. Can you help me help my friends in the hunting lodge industry by answering a few questions? I'll pass the survey results on to them at an upcoming convention, in hopes of making your next experience better. Answers are anonymous and I won't share your email address or name with anyone. And everyone who responds is eligible for a random drawing for a prize package including a Blaze Buddy Bandanna, multi-tool, books, and other great bird-hunting gear. Thanks for your response. Please send in your answers today!

Scott Linden

PS: As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. There's plenty of room, so have at it! And please visit my website for a blog, hunting tips and some fun videos: Thanks.

In an average year, about how many times per season do you visit a bird hunting lodge or preserve?
More than 15 times per season
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In the coming year, will you change your lodge/preserve hunting plans versus recent years ...
I'll hunt more than previously
I'll hunt less than previously
I'll hunt about the same as years past
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When you hunt at a lodge or preserve, what is most important?
Cover and habitat
Lodging ambience, service and quality of room
Food quality, dining, variety/quality of wine and liquor
Good dogs
Friendly staff
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In priority order, what type of dog(s) do you prefer to hunt with at a lodge/preserve? (1 = the type of dog I like hunting with the MOST)

(1 = I'd prefer to hunt with this type of dog)
Pointing breeds (shorthairs, setters, English Pointers, etc.)
Flushers (spaniels)
Retrievers (pointing or flushing Labs, Goldens)
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On average, how far are you willing to drive for a weekend at a bird hunting lodge or preserve?
Less than 100 miles
100-150 miles
150-250 miles
Mileage is less important than the experience
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Regarding your preserve/lodge hunting, does your spouse ...
Ever accompany you and HUNT?
Consult with you on destination, budget, etc.
Accompany you but NOT hunt?
Get bored while you're hunting and they're not?
Wish the experience had been different (list how, in comments, below)
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