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The Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children (PennAEYC) has convened a work group focusing on issues involving students and their involvement in professional organizations.  Your answers to the following questions will help us determine the recommendations we will make to the PennAEYC Board and staff about how to better support individual students, student groups, student dues rates, and potential scholarship opportunities/requirements.  

Required 1.

Are you or have you ever been a member of NAEYC?


If you are NOT currently a member, why not?

don't know about it
costs too much
benefits aren't important to me
belong to a different early childhood group or organization
plan to join in the future
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AEYC Membership Details:

Dues are divided between 3 organizations.

NAEYC receives a portion of the dues and offers Young Children or Teaching Young Children subscription, books, videos, brochures, posters, members only website and interest forums, national accreditation system, position statements, advocacy information and activities, Week of the Young Child promotion, standards, training, public awareness and legislative advocacy, voting rights in NAEYC elections, and reduced rates for conferences and resources.

NAEYC's state affiliate, PennAEYC, receives a portion of the dues and offers newsletter and e-newsletter, advocacy and professional development opportunities, support for local chapters and leaders, leadership opportunities, and voting rights in PennAEYC elections.  

PennAEYC's local chapters receive a portion of the dues and offer a variety of benefits such as Week of the Young Child activities, monthly meetings with networking opportunities, workshops, conferences, scholarships, awards, accreditation support, leadership opportunities, and student group support.

Required 3.

What early childhood/education degrees does your school currently offer? 

infant/toddler/ development degree - non-certification
preschool/development degree - non-certification
N-3 certification
K-6 certification
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Required 4.

What certifications will your school be offering under the new 49-2 regulations?

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Required 5.

Does your school currently have a student group for early childhood students?  If so, please describe the group (dues, number of members, goals, activities, AEYC affiliation, etc.)

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Required 6.

How strongly do you value membership in a student group or other professional organization for early childhood/ education students?

 Don't Value  Somewhat Value  Highly Value 
student group
other organization (please specify in comments)
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Please mark any issues below that prevent your school from offering a student group on your campus (or present challenges with an existing group).

not enough student interest
not enough student leadership
not enough faculty time
not enough administrative support
too costly for students
not enough community support
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Required 8.

What do you think are deciding factors for students at your school to join a student group or other professional organization?

 Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important   
time commitment   
class requirement or extra credit for joining   
for networking/socializin-
online benefits   
community involvement   
for additional knowledge and resources   
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Required 9.

Please rate the following incentives PennAEYC could offer to increase student memberships and involvement.

 Not Valuable Somewhat Valuable Very Valuable   
student dues discount   
financial aid to student groups   
r online benefits
connection to a local AEYC chapter and/or local professionals   
student scholarships   
professional resources (workshops, conference, books, mentors)   
connection to other student groups across the state   
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Required 10.

Please select any of the following items in which you are interested in participating.

communicating with other early childhood/ education faculty around the state
developing or strengthening a student AEYC group at my school
participation in a local AEYC chapter
promoting AEYC membership for my school's students
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Required 11.

Your college:


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Required 12.

Courses you teach:


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If you would be willing to discuss your answers and opinions with our group by phone or email, please give your contact information below:


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