Thank you in advance for taking the time to nominate an amazing Kid. We strive to recognize excellence in our youth who are doing amazing things. 1. Winners must be nominated by an adult who is familiar with the young person's service activity. 2. The winner's service activity must have been initiated and motivated primarily by the winner himself or herself. While outside help may have been obtained, the activity must be primarily the winner's own creation. The service activity cannot have been done solely to complete an assignment for school or work. 3. Winners must have clearly demonstrated positive spirit, courage, intelligence, generosity, and high moral purpose. 4. Winners must have accomplished something with inspirational value - something that could inspire others to make a difference. 5. Winners must have shown initiative, tenacity, and unselfishness in pursuit of their goals. 6. Winners must have done more than survive a difficult personal challenge. Their heroism must have made an impact on the world beyond themselves. 7. Winners may or may not have received any recognition for their heroic work. But fame itself shall not have been a motivating factor. 8. Winners must be no younger than five and no older than eighteen years on the nomination deadline. 9. Winners must have participated in their heroic work with in the 12 months prior to the nomination deadline. 10. Winners must be legal residents of and currently residing in the U.S.A. 11. Winners must be nominated as individuals. Kids Helping Kids cannot accept nominations from groups of young people.
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