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Do you support the effort of Referendum 71 to protect marriage in Washington State?

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If you replied "yes" on the previous question, how are you willing to support Referendum 71?

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In the recent Faith & Freedom Elway Survey of Washington State, we found that 59% of those surveyed between 18 - 35 years old approved of homosexual marriage and 39% did not approve.

These numbers are consistent nationally.

Clearly our youth are not developing a biblical worldview. Faith & Freedom is considering developing an ongoing resource program to help develop that worldview among our youth in the Northwest.

Would you financially support this ministry? 

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Of the following critical cultural issues, please rank in order of importance to you with 1 being the most important and 6 being the least important.

(1 = Most)
Homosexual Marriage
Hate Crime Legislation
Public Education
Loss of Personal Freedoms
Economic and Tax Issues
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