West Rogers Park Community Organization & Lakeside CDC Residents Survey
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Lakeside Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit housing and community development organization which serves West Ridge and Rogers Park, is assisting the West Rogers Park Community Organization and its Community Planning Board, to collect information from community residents and businesses as part of an ongoing visioning process for Western Ave. The information collected from you will be compiled with responses from others to improve our understanding of what you like and would like to see improved on and around Western Ave. You can find updates on our project at www.wrpco.org. Your answers to this survey will remain anonymous for reporting purposes, unless you agree in writing to have your views shared. Please complete the entire survey.

Required 1.

Do you rent or own your own home?

Required 2.

How long have you lived in the immediate neighborhood (Rogers Park, West Ridge)?

0-2 year
2-5 years
5-10 years
10-20 years
20 + years
Required 3.

Do you work in the immediate neighborhood (Rogers Park, West Ridge)?


If not, where do you work?

Chicago downtown
Other Chicago
Work outside City limits
Do not work outside home
Required 5.

How often do visit a place of business on Western Ave. during a typical month?

Daily or almost daily
At least once a week
A few times a month
About once a month
Less than once a month

Please rate the following reasons to explain why you visit Western Ave. , where 5 is the most important reason. If the reason does not apply to you, or if you do not visit Western Ave., use N/A.

Ease of Parking
Types of Businesses
"I prefer to shop local"
Can walk/bike from home
Can visit different places on each trip
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Please rate changes that would likely cause you to spend more time or money visiting businesses on Western Ave.?

More/better parking options
Better public transit
Lower prices
More variety of shops and businesses
Improved safety/more police visibility
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Required 8.

How close do you live to Western Ave. ?

0-2 blocks
2-6 blocks
6-12 blocks
More than 12 blocks

What is your favorite place to spend time on Western Ave?


50 characters left.

Please name a new business or type of business you would like to see located on Western Ave.


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The thing you value most about Western Ave is:


350 characters left.

In the last 12 months, conditions on Western Ave. have gotten ___________.

much worse
a little worse
about the same
a little better
a lot better

In the last 24 months, conditions on Western Ave. have gotten ___________.

much worse
a little worse
about the same
a little better
a lot better

Overall, on a scale from 1-5, where 5 is the highest, how would you rate Western Ave. as a resource for community shopping and services?


The next set of questions specifically concerns your views on whether public funds should be spent on certain improvements to Western Ave. Answer assuming the funds might be available.


Please tell us whether you would be in favor of new or additional public investment to address the following issues within the next few years. Answer on a scale of 1-5, where 5 is strongly in favor of devoting additional public resources. If you have no opinion, select N/A.


Public resources should be used to…

attract/support more large retailers
implement a new streetscape/beautific-
ation program
build a new public school
renovate existing buildings and storefronts
improve lighting and signage
create off-street parking
increase public transit stops/frequency
develop new residential housing along Western Ave
increase nonprofit and community services along Western Ave.
attract/support more independent and locally owned businesses

Public resources should be used to…(cont.)

provide more frequent street cleaning, trash removal
provide business development training, technical assistance
improve public safety
improve traffic flow, volume of traffic on Western
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Why did you move to West Ridge? What was it about the community or location which was most appealing to you? In the space below, describe why you decided to move here and what it is that keeps you here.


1000 characters left.

In a perfect world, where your vision for Western was implemented, tell us what Western will look like in the year 2030? What kinds of things will we see when we walk or drive down the street? In the space below, share with us your vision for Western Ave. in the year 2030.


1000 characters left.

If you could name 2-3 things that you’d like to see on Western right now, what would they be? We’re thinking of types of businesses, community resources, physical improvements, or new development, but maybe you’re thinking of something else. In the space below, describe what those things might be.


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Required 20.

Prior to completing this survey, have you heard of the West Rogers Park Community Organization?

Required 21.

Have you heard of the WRPCO Community Planning Board?


Would you be interested in learning about the results of this survey?


If so, please write list your name, daytime phone number, and e-mail address


350 characters left.

This completes the survey. We appreciate your help with this project. If you would like to learn more about the work of the West Rogers Park Community Planning Board, please visit www.wrpco.org.