Port Orchard Chamber Past Member Survey
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How long were you a Chamber member?

1 year
2 years
3 to 4 years
5 years or more
10 years or more
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Required 2.

Why did you become a Chamber member? Select all that apply.

Specific membership benefits-please list_________________-
Marketing/promotion opportunities for my business
Networking/client contact opportunities
Education/Information opportunities
To support the community
To assist the Chamber in advocating for small business
To be involved in tourism, special events and festivals
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Required 3.

Which of the following reasons best describes your decision not to renew.

No longer work for that business
Business closed
Financially unable to pay dues
Saw no perceived value in membership to my business. Please comment______________-
Can not make meetings or events
Saw no perceived value in chamber to community. Please comment______________-
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Before letting your Chamber membership go, overall, how satisfied were you with your membership?

Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
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Please indicate the level of your knowledge and awareness of the chamber's activities and programs.
The chamber is.....

 Strongly Aware Somewhat Aware Not sure I knew Somewhat Not Aware Definitely Not Aware 
membership dues dependent/not for profit, not a county or city entity
primary tourism/marketing organization for South Kitsap
1st point of contact for many people considering move to South Kitsap
1st point of contact for many people looking for any business referral
1st point of contact for many people for any question "under the sun"!
working to promote shopping local
working to encourage legislative involvement strong govt. relations
working to disseminate small business education information
working to increase networking & client lead opportunities for members
working to enhance Port Orchard/South Kitsap image and pride

Have you ever recommended Chamber membership to somebody?

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Will you consider returning as a Port Orchard Chamber member in the future?

Possibly or Unsure
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If or when you did not attend Chamber events, please indicate your reasons for not attending. Select all that apply.

Too High of cost/price
Unable to leave office/business
Too far away
Inconvenient time or date
No interest in the event
Other commitments
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Please give us any other suggestions or comments.


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