We need your help ! The NSW Dept of Planning [through or local Council] is proposing re-zone our land at The Bower where the current land use would no longer be permissible. The good news is that we have "existing use rights" and can continue to operate as we are and this would make us unique in the area, but inevitably growing demand will mean that our availability will become even more scarce and/or prices will have to rise to meet the demand. Moreover, the suggestions our guests have made to provide improved facilities such as outdoor spa's, on-site massage services, bird hides, environmental education, yoga and relaxation classrooms have now been prohibited. To continue to enhance the facilities at The Bower [along the lines of the feedback our guests have given us in the past we need your help to build a case to our local Council. Please help by taking the time to participate in our 5 minute survey. We value your feedback..