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Thank you for taking a few minutes to answer our survey on what ultimate destiny means to you and what aspects of realizing your potential are most important to you personally.


What does the phrase "creating your ultimate destiny" mean to you?


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Which facets of "creating your ultimate destiny" or "solving your ultimate success puzzle" are most important to you? Use the comment box to list any others you would suggest.

 Not That Important Somewhat important Very important   
Enjoying loving relationships   
Enjoying financial freedom and prosperity   
Achieving success in business or career   
Enjoying optimal health and fitness   
Attaining spiritual enlightenment   
Raising my consciousness level   
Harnessing my creative mind power   
Realizing my potential & fulfilling my life purpose   
Making a difference & leaving a legacy   
Fostering personal and planetary sustainability   
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Who do you know who is both fulfilling their ultimate destiny and helping others manifest their own ultimate destiny?

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Thank you again for taking time to share your feedback and ideas with us. You are also invited to share more of your ideas on each facet of fulfillng ones destiny on our interactive blog sites.

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