International Business Activity Survey
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Complete the survey by 5pm February 1st and be entered to win two tickets to the Feb 16th Economic Club Luncheon at the Kellog Center - a $70 value. Must provide contact information at the end of the survey to be eligible.  Winner announced February 5th, 2010.  Congratulations to Jeff Padden of Public Policy Associates for being the first winner of two tickets to the next Economic Club.

The Lansing Regional Chamber has partnered with the Global Business Club, MSU-CIBER and the Capital Region Airport Authority, along with other private and public partners to increase the region's capacity for international trade. 

Your response to this brief survey (10 questions) will help us to collectively develop and deliver appropriate education, training, and services that are of value to Chamber members and other companies interested in global commerce. 

LRCC will share the aggregated results with those that complete this survey.

Sincere thanks for your time,

Brent Case
Director, Foreign Trade Zone & International Market Development
Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce
in partnership with Port Lansing


Required 1.

In what type of international business are you currently engaged?   (may select more than one answer)

Neither currently
Interested in exploring importing and/or exporting
Presence in multiple countries
Not interested in International Business - please remove me from this list
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If you are currently importing/exporting, please share how much importing and/or exporting your company does annually - in dollar volume and/or as a % of overall revenue.

Example response:
Company XYZ does not import but we export $250,000 a year, which is approximately 10% of our total revenue.


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In the past, what resources have you utilized to assist with your international efforts. Use the "Other" or "Comment" block to provide specifics.

Port Lansing
US Commercial Trade Services
Global Business Club
Chamber of Commerce
Trade Association
Community College
Van Andel Global Trade Center
Automation Alley
Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)
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Select the format that works best for your schedule to attend educational events, seminars, training, etc. regarding international business. (may select more than one answer)

Breakfast meeting (early morning)
1/2 Day - Morning
Lunch meeting (mid-day)
1/2 Day - Afternoon
Dinner/reception meeting (evening)
Full Day
Multiple Days (consecutive)
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What specific topics would you like to learn more about from industry experts? (may select more than one answer)

Import Documentation
Export Documentation
Leveraging Free Trade Agreements
Global Marketing - Finding Customers
Global Intellectual Property (IP)
Global Information Technology (IT)
Joint Ventures / Foreign Partners
Securing International Investment
Pricing Strategies in Foreign Countries
Doing business in a specific country (please list country(s) in "Comment" block)
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What form(s) of electronic media do you prefer to receive information and updates regarding international business? (may select more than one answer)

Visit website regularly (please list primary website in "Comment" block)
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Would you and/or your company be interested in obtaining formal training (degree or professional certificate) in global business? (may select more than one answer)

Yes - Interested in degree program(s)
Yes - Interested in professional certificate
Already have degree/certificate (please state which in "Comment" block)
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Would you be willing to be a speaker or in some other way share your international trade experiences with other business professionals?

Yes (please elaborate in "Comment" block)
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Are you willing to share your contact information with the organizations coordinating international commerce development activities? (information will not be made public)

Yes (please list name, title, organization and email below in "Comment" block)
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Please share any other constructive comments or suggestions related to increasing the level of international commerce in the Greater Lansing area.


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