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Program Evaluation - Cultural Arts
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You are very important to us!  We are committed to excellence by providing high quality programs and services. Please help us evaluate our performance by answering the questions below. 

At the end of the evaluation, you will have the option of entering our monthly drawing.

Required 1.

Please select the program from the list below:

Body Sculpt - Patterson
Cardio Blast - Patterson
Pilates - Patterson
Saturday Surprise - Patterson
Senior Sensations - Patterson
Step-n-Sculpt - Patterson
Yoga - Patterson
Zumba - Patterson
Brick-Body-Circuit (BBC) - Sports*Com
Core Energy - Sports*Com
Retro Fit - Sports*Com
Step & Step/Tone - Sports*Com
Total Body - Sports*Com
Yoga - Sports*Com
Zumba - Sports*Com
Boot Camp - Patterson
Holiday Hold - Sports*Com
Detroit Hustle - Patterson
Indoor Triathlon - Patterson
Murfreesboro Half Marathon
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(Optional) Please specify the program instructor and time:


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Required 3.

Please rate the program staff on the following:

 Very Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied  
Leadership Ability  
Enthusiasm / motivation  
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Required 4.

Please rate the program on the following:

 Very Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied  
Day & Time Offered  
Program Fees  
Program Content  
The program was enjoyed  
Registration process  
Class Size  
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Required 5.

Please rate the facility/park the program was conducted:

 Very Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied  
Cleanliness & Safety  
Equipment Condition  
Overall Customer Service  
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Required 6.

Should this program be offered again?


What can we do to make this program better? (optional)


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What other programs and events would you like to see offered? (optional)


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Required 9.

How did you learn about this program?

Previous Participant
Rec Connection
Parks and Recreation website
Channel 3
Flyer / Poster

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