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San Bernardino County Stormwater School Quiz
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Welcome to the San Bernardino County Stormwater School Quiz!

Test your knowlegde of local litter and pollution issues and answer the following questions.


Catch Basin

What is this called?

Sewer hole
Street opening
Catch basin
Curb pond

What is litter?

Trash thrown on the street
Trash on Street
Trash thrown into a trash can
Trash in Trash
Trash that can be recycled
Trash that's picked up by a trash truck
Trash in a Truck

Litter in Catch Basin

When litter gets into the catch basin, where does it go?

To my neighbor's backyard
To the Santa Ana River
It stays in the catch basin
To a treatment plant

Beach Warning Sign

If you come across a sign at the beach that contains the word WARNING, this usually means?

Make sure to apply sun screen before entering the water
Watch out for sharks swimming along the ocean coastline
The ocean waves are too rapid for surfing
The ocean water is too contaminated for swimming and all other water activities

Prevent Stormwater Pollution

How can you help prevent stormwater pollution?

Don't litter
Don't Litter
Participate in a clean-up
Participate in Clean-Up
Pick up after your dog
Pick Up After Your Dog
All of the above

MFEE Assembly

Have you seen a presentation from the San Bernardino County Stormwater Program at your school?

Don't Know