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What is your vision for implementing the Wilma Dykeman Riverway (a regional model consisting of 17 miles of greenways along the Swannanoa and French Broad River)?  How would you ensure funding to implement this plan?  How/or should the City of Asheville work with the Buncombe and other counties to expand and replicate this plan throughout the watershed?  Why or why not?


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Over 25 municipalities in North Carolina require buffers ranging from  30 to 100ft along streams.  A new proposal (click and scroll to page 13 to see new proposal) by the City of Asheville calls for changes to Asheville's current 30 ft stream buffers. What do you feel is the right size stream buffers in Asheville?


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What is your vision for future uses within our city's floodplain? How will you implement that vision?


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What regulations and enforcement do you think are adequately protecting our streams and rivers and what, if any, areas need additional regulation and enforcement?


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With Asheville having the largest tax and population base in the region, is there a leadership role for Asheville when it comes to land use planning along waterways throughout the region?


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How does the French Broad River and its watershed contribute to the region's sustainability?


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