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You are receiving this survey because you submitted a question that was answered by Stop It Now!'s Help Services.  Please help us improve our services by filling out this short survey.


Please indicate how much you agree with these statements about your Help Services experience.

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I received a prompt email reply.
I got my questions answered.
I am satisfied with the resources and links I received.
I feel better prepared to take action.
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What  was your main reason for emailing the Stop It Now!  Helpline?

Possible sexual abuse of a child
Concern about an adult abusing a child
Concern about a child abusing a child
Concern about an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse
Looking for facts and information on child sexual abuse prevention
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If a friend had a question or needed help regarding child sexual abuse, would you recommend that they email Stop It Now!?

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Probably recommend
Not sure
Might recommend
Would not recommend
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Please share with us any suggestions or comments you have about your experience with our Help Services.


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