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Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Bici Centro and the SB Bicycle Coalition! Please enter the information indicated below so we can get in contact with you.

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There are lots of ways to volunteer with our various community services. Please let us know using this scale what you have experience in and enjoy doing.

 Just Learning Somewhat Skilled Very Skilled I'm a Pro  
Are you skilled in bicycle mechanics?  
Are you good at teaching/communicatin-
g with people in a group setting?
Do you speak spanish?  
Can you run a cash register?  
Do you enjoy parking bikes/tabling/ working events?  
Do you like to organize events or activities?  

Briefly, tell us about yourself.Why are you interested in being more involved with Bici and SBBIKE? Do you have any other skill sets that may be of interest?


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How regularly would you be interested in volunteering?

I'm bike crazy! I could help multiple times a week!
Weekly on a regular schedule
Weekly but not always on the same days
1-3 times a month