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The Constuction Marketing Ideas book: Your favorite cover

Which book cover appeals to you the most?  We'll make the most popular choice the cover of the upcoming Construction Marketing Ideas book. 

You can receive more information about the book by clicking on the "Construction Marketing Ideas book" link.

Once you've completed the survey, you'll also be able to see how your vote compares to others.

You can vote anonymously though we've set this so that you can only vote once on your computer.


Here are five cover designs for the new Construction Marketing Ideas book.  Please vote for your favorite choice.

Choice A
Book cover choice A
Choice B
Book cover choice B
Choice C
Book cover choice C
Choice D
Book cover choice D
Choice E
Book cover choice E
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If you wish, you can request three free sample chapters of the book or, with a modest deposit, order the book in advance.

You can receive more information about the book here.