Constituent Survey from State Representative Cecil Ash
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Required 1.

In the event that the Legislature finds it necessary to increase revenues by tax increases, which kind of tax increase do you believe is preferable?


Personal Income Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Sales Tax
Property tax
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Required 2.

What is your understanding of the size of the current budget deficit in 2010?

Under $1 billion
$1 billion to $2 billion
$2 billion to $3 billion
More than $3 billion
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Required 3.

This Monday, the House will consider a bill to renew the Arizona State Lottery for another 25 years.  Proponents note that the lottery brings in millions of dollars in state revenue, which in 2009 brought in $43 million to the General Fund, and an additional $80 + million for other specified funds.  Opponents argue that gambling is a negative social value and primarily a tax on the poor.  This is money that would likely be spent for more purposeful uses.

I favor renewing the state lottery.
I favor not renewing the state lottery.
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One of the public debates that continues from time to time is whether or not the subject matter of a bill is constrained by the authority of the Constitution.  This pertains to both state and federal legislation, as well as state and federal constitutions.  Which of the following statements most correctly agrees with your view?



The Constitution limits the power of the government, so legislative bodies should not enact anything outside of powers authorized by the language of the document.
The Constitution is a living document, because it could not possibly have anticipated all the issues in today's society. Therefore, legislative bodies should have the freedom to create laws that are necessary to address important issues.
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Required 5.

During the last election, an initiative to extend the payday loan industry was voted down by voters.  I voted against this initiative, as did many others, for the simple reason that it was too complicated (3 pages of statutory revisions) to be handled by voter initiative.

I believe voter initiatives should be simple and easily understood, such as the initiative on marriage, which was only 19 words. Whether you agreed or disagreed with it, everyone understood its implications.

This session, the legislature must make a decision to either let the payday loan industry sunset (meaning, it ceases to be legal in Arizona at the conclusion of its authorized time window), or to let the industry be revised and extended either indefinitely, or for another period of years. 

Proponents for payday loans argue that the industry fulfills an obvious need in society.  There are a great many stores precisely because many people have nowhere else to turn for small amounts of quick cash.  If people do not have ready access to a source of funds, they will be forced to deal with unscrupulous private parties, or else relatives, for necessary quick cash.  Proponents argue that it is better to have a regulated industry than to leave it up to private parties, or to subject people to over-draft charges on their bank accounts.  They contend that the government does not have the right to limit the options of people who need money.

Opponents argue that these payday loan stores take advantage of people who are in desperate circumstances by charging them exorbitant interest rates.  People only get further into debt by the use of these types of loans.  Opponents maintain that the government should not allow these excessive interest rates.

It should be noted that in order to obtain a payday loan, one must already have an existing checking account.

I support continuing and regulating this industry with modifications.
I support sunsetting and extinguishing this industry.
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Required 6.

As the chair of the Interim Committee on Sentencing Reform, I am charged with the responsibility of finding ways to reduce the costs to the state of incarcerating convicted felons while still protecting public safety.

Several recommendations have been received which could reduce the prison populations of the state.   I am interested in your views about some of these recommendations.

Felonies in Arizona are classified as 1 through 6, with Class 1 Felonies being the most serious (eg. Murder), and Class 6 Felonies being the least serious (eg.  possession of marijuana, criminal damage, etc.).  There are 3 classes of misdemeanors.  Misdemeanors may require jail time and fines, but a person does not go to prison at the Department of Corrections for a misdemeanor.   Many occupational professions do not allow an applicant with a prior felony conviction to apply for licensure.

One recommendation that has been made to the committee for reducing the number of incarcerations and felony convictions is to follow the example of some states by reducing simple possession of marijuana (POM) from a Class 6 felony to a Class 1 misdemeanor.  


I favor keeping POM as a felony.
I favor reclassifying POM as a misdemeanor.
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Required 7.

Currently, Arizona has a system of mandatory sentencing that provides predetermined sentences for many different types of crimes.  These sentences are determined by the Arizona Legislature.

Proponents of mandatory sentencing maintain that such sentences are necessary to provide similar sentences for similar crimes throughout the state, and to insure that people are adequately punished.

Opponents argue that judges need the ability to take into account the different  circumstances of each individual case before making a decision.  Opponents also argue that eliminating mandatory sentencing will reduce a trend by prosecutors to charge the most severe crime in order to force a plea bargain and avoid trial by jury.

I favor keeping mandatory sentencing with predetermined sentences.
I favor giving judges more discretion to weigh the circumstances before handing down a sentence.
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Required 8.

In the upcoming election for Governor, who would you vote for?  (choose only one)


Jan Brewer
Terry Goddard
Owen "Buzz" Mills
John Mungar
Dean Martin
Joe Arpaio
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