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Cramer's Home Furnishings Customer Satisfaction
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How Satisfied were you with the following areas of your delivery experience?

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Time between your purchase and the delivery
Delivery made as scheduled
Professional look of our Delivery Team
Performance of our Delivery Team once in your home
Friendliness of our Delivery Team
The condition and appearance of your purchase

Did you receive a phone call the day of delivery with an approximate time?


Is there anything you would like to comment on Good or Bad about your Delivery Experience?


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How would you rate the following areas of our stores

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Interior of Store
Exterior of Store
Appeal of Displays

Please complete the following.  The overall service at Cramer's Home Furnishings ...

Was better than expected
Matched expectations
Was worse then expected

Please Rate how strongly you agree/disagree with the following statements

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Our Service played a key role in your purchase
The furniture I purchased was an excellent value
We met or exceeded your goals for this purchase
We understood what your needs were
We provided all the information you needed for your buying decision
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How likely are you to buy from Cramer's Home Furnishings again?

Very Likely
Somewhat Likely
Somewhat Unlikely
Very Unlikely

How do we rate compared to other Furniture Retailers you visited?

Much Better
About the Same
Much Worse
Don't know/ Not applicable

If there was one thing we could do better, what would it be?


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