Dear Members of the Park Slope United Methodist Community - We invite you to join in the annual evaluation of our paid staff members. This year we will evaluate eight of our staff over the next three weeks: the Music Director, Pam McAllister; the Sexton, Raul Sanchez; the Nursery Care Providers, Terry Kim and Khadija Birouch; the Director of Children and Youth Ministries Mickey Correa; the Administrative Assistant, AnnaMaria Candelaria; the Youth Group Leader, Shannon Whitt; and our pastor, Rev. Herb Miller. Evaluation forms for other staff are available through separate links, found in the same area in which you found the link to this form. Please complete as few or as many forms as you wish. However, it might be useful for you to read over each form even if you don't fill it out, since you may learn more about the church staff and their job responsibilities. In addition to our soliciting general comments from the congregation, each staff person is evaluated by certain individuals who work most closely with him or her. We undertake the evaluations in the spirit of the SPR Committee Handbook: that the evaluation "be done in a context of Christian community," with "the purpose of building the Body of Christ. It is therefore to be exercised in a spirit of love and care." Thank You. Park Slope United Methodist Church Staff-Parish Relations (SPR) Committee
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