SURVEY OF CURRENT KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF AGOA. One of the objectives of the AGOA Civil Society Network (AGOA- CSN) Secretariat is to stimulate discussion among members and others on AGOA issues with a view to building up broad-based support on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) which was signed into law by the United States Government in May 2000. AGOA offers tangible incentives for African countries to continue their efforts to open up their economies and build free markets. It reinforces African reform efforts, provides improved access to U.S. credit and technical expertise, and establishes a high-level dialogue on trade and investment in the form of a U.S.-Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Forum. Since 1994, The Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA), has advocated for partnerships between African indigenous private sector and civil society, and governments to develop policies that advance political, social and economic development in an effort to create the necessary enabling environment to attract direct foreign investment, and stimulate regional, and global trading ties, and improve the standard of living for the people of Africa. FDA serves as the Secretariat for the AGOA Civil Society Network (AGOA-CSN), and work to optimize the benefits of AGOA, since 2001. We are conducting this survey to solicit information on current knowledge and understanding of the AGOA initiative. Results from the survey will help the AGOA-CSN to advocate for necessary reforms. Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in our survey.
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