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            LMA 24th Annual Conference
March 10-12, 2010 - Hyatt Regency Denver


Please help us design next year’s LMA conference.  Answers to these questions are invaluable to the 2011 Annual Conference Advisory Committee and ACI, so please take a few moments to complete this evaluation.

First, please tell us a little about yourself: 

Personal Profile 


Are you an LMA Member?
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How many LMA annual conferences have you attended including this one, and what was the last year you had attended before 2010?


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What is the single most important reason for your attendance at this conference?


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Please rate the importance of the following to your decision to attend this conference.

 not at all important not very important somewhat important important extremely important 
Program content/topics covered
To hear from the conference speakers
To hear from the keynote speaker, Andrew Zolli
To discuss industry interests and concerns
Continuing education / professional development
Convenient location/easily accessible
Attractive meeting site
To network with others
To see exhibitors' products and services

Professional Profile


Which of the following best describes your position?

Marketing professional in a law firm
Consultant to legal marketing professionals
Provider of goods and services to the legal profession
Professor or other in accredited educational institution
Academic student
Individual who is interested in legal marketing
Consultant to other professional services
Member of the media

Please only answer the following 6 questions if you are a marketing professional in a law firm


What is your job title?


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For how many years have you been in your current position?


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To whom do you directly report?

Managing Partner
Marketing Partner
Executive Director
Director of Administration
Marketing Committee
Executive or Management Committee
Chief Marketing or Business Development Officer
Prefer Not to Answer
No One

How many total marketing/business development professionals are there in your firm?


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How many attorneys are there in your firm?


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What do you consider to be the three most pressing issues facing your industry within the next 18 months?


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Now, please tell us about your experience with the 2010 LMA Annual Conference:  



 Not Applicable Poor Fair Satisfactory Very Good Excellent 
Pre-Conference Email Communication
Pre-Conference Customer Service
Onsite Registration Processing and Customer Service
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Conference Location

 Not Applicable Poor Fair Satisfactory Very Good Excellent 
Location - Hyatt Regency, Denver, CO
Overall Quality of the Hyatt Regency
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 Not Applicable Poor Fair Satisfactory Very Good Excellent 
Overall Educational Content of the Conference
Overall Opinion of Conference Speakers
Keynote Presentation: Andrew Zolli
Masterminds Pre-Conference Session - Wednesday
QuickStart Pre-Conference Session - Wednesday
Just JDs Pre-Conference Session - Wednesday
CMO Roundtable Discussions - Thursday
MORE Session - Friday

Breakout session topics for future conferences:


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Panel discussion topics for future conferences:


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Any Additional Comments about the Programming and Speaker Faculty:


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Social Events

 Not Applicable Poor Fair Satisfactory Very Good Excellent 
Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall - Wednesday
First Timer's Reception - Wednesday
Thursday Luncheon
LMA Night Out at the Wynkoop Brewing Company
Friday Luncheon
Overall Networking Opportunities

Any Additional Comments about the Social Events and Networking Opportunities:


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Exhibit Hall

 Not Applicable Poor Fair Satisfactory Very Good Excellent 
Overall Quality of the Exhibitors
Relevance to Your Job (Products and Services Displayed)
Amount of Time Available to View Exhibits

Types of companies you would like to see in the Exhibit Hall:


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Any Additional Comments about the Exhibit Hall:


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Conference Overall

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Conference Overall

Any Additional Comments about your Overall Experience and Opinion of the 2010 LMA Annual Conference:


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Indicate which education sessions you attended at the conference.  You will be asked to comment on only the sessions that you indicated.


Wednesday, March 10

QuickStart - Legal Marketing Core Competencies
Masterminds - Senior Marketer's Summit
Just JDs: Business Development Strategies for Lawyers