The goal of the "I Love New Haven Greater Non-Profits" campaign is to promote the understanding of nonprofits as social innovators who add cultural, educational, social and economic value to the community. During the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, representatives from New Haven's non-profit organizations will dispense "I Love New Haven Non Profits" stickers as well as "Impact Fact Trading Cards" during the Box City activity (June 12+13) and concerts on the Green (June 19+20). Each card will represent a different agency. Volunteers will encourage people to trade cards and fill our a puzzle educating them about the great diversity of work and impact of Greater New Haven non-profits. Our hope is that the stickers and cards will inspire people to talk about the incredible value and importance of non-profit organizations to the New Haven community, creating a collective "buzz" that will build support for all of our work. We are using the cards from last year but want to open it to additional organizations. If you are not sure if you had a card last year, check out the link below. If you already have a card, please do not submit again. To add your organization this year, CLICK CONTINUE. You do not have to attend the concert, but we ask that each organization provide at least 2 volunteers during the weekend. To see Impact Facts from LAST YEAR, go to: