Electric Vehicle Interest Survey
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Thank you for your interest in electric vehicle transportation. By participating in this survey, you are helping us prepare for the anticipated arrival of plug-in electric vehicles in the City of Anaheim.

One of the challenges of preparing for the arrival of plug-in electric vehicles is that no one yet knows how large the market will be, or how fast it will grow. We are working with state and local officials, automakers and other stakeholders, to prepare for potential impacts on our electric system.

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Which of the following vehicles are you considering for purchase or lease?

A conventional gasoline engine
Conventional hybrid
Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
Pure battery electric vehicle
Not sure

How soon do you plan on buying or leasing your next brand-new vehicle? (Select one)

Within 6 months
Sometime this year
Next year
Not sure

Rate the following incentives from least favorable to most favorable based on how attractive they make the purchase of an electric vehicle.

 Least Favorable  Neutral  Most Favorable 
Free charging
Free parking
Special electricity rate
Rebate on upgrading electric outlet
Off-peak charging discount
Tax credit
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If you were to buy or lease an electric vehicle, what method would you use to charge it?  (Select one)

Use my standard 120-volt home outlet
Use my existing 240-volt home outlet
Upgrade to a 240-volt home outlet
Depend solely on charging stations
Not sure

What time of day would you most likely begin to charge your vehicle? (Select one)

Between 8am - noon
Between noon - 3pm
Between 3pm - 6pm
Between 6pm - 9pm
Between 9pm - midnight
After midnight
Not sure

When charging your electric vehicle away from home, which locations would you most like use? (Select all that apply)

Another apartment/condo parking lot
Another home garage
Public parking location
Not sure

Select the public locations in Anaheim where you would most like to find charging stations. (Select all that apply)

Coffee shops
Convention center
Gas stations
Gym/Health clubs
Shopping Malls
Transportation center (bus/train stations)
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Rate the following public charging location features from least favorable to most favorable that are most important to you.

 Least Favorable  Neutral  Most Favorable 
Close to workplace
Hours of availability
Safe location
Special needs assistance
Speed of charge
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Please enter your postal (zip) code. This will help us determine where to install charging stations.

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Please provide us with a daytime telephone number if you would like us to contact you to discuss a potential service upgrade. (Optional)


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Use this area to provide comments, concerns, and suggestions regarding electric vehicles in our community.


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Anaheim Public Utilities thanks you for your participation.