The intent of this survey is to improve the quality of life in our community by getting residents of the Kingston area to share their views on some issues in Vital Signs. This is not a scientific survey using a random sampling of our population. We want to encourage people to consider how we can improve life in our community where this is needed - and how we can support or strengthen things that are already good in our community life. Results will be posted on the Community Foundation website. In the survey, an issue is stated and then some possible opinions are given. Please indicate the response that most closely represents your view on the issue. You may make up to two(2) choices per issue. If no stated opinion agrees with you, make no choice and move to the next question. We encourage you to do the survey on the web at . Or you may do the survey on paper by cutting the survey from the newspaper or booklet and circling the letter ((a) or (b), etc.) identifying your choice(s) on each issue. Mail or deliver your paper response to : Survey, Community Foundation for Kingston & Area 165 Ontario Street, Suite 6, Kingston, ON, K7L 2Y6.
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