Stars In Your Eyes Adult Visual Assessment

Find Solutions to Your Vision Challenges  

At Stars in Your Eyes Vision Training Center, we have helped hundreds of patients find solutions to improve their vision, academic, work and athletic performance.  This brief online assessment can help determine if a vision analysis is right for you.  Within 5-7 business days, you will receive a free, no-obligation summary from one of our Stars Team, as well as some helpful hints on how you can improve your vision right away. For each of the following questions, do not agonize over the "right" answer. Respond quickly and out of your intuition. Your responses are confidential.  



Please tell us about visual symptoms you have. (Check all boxes that apply.)

My vision is sometimes blurry.
My eyes often hurt.
I have red or watery eyes.
I close or cover one eye when reading or writing.
I hold material very close to read or sit close to or far from my computer.
I sometimes lose my place or skip words when I read.
I get headaches when I read or after computer use.
I have difficulty judging distances or objects.
My neck or back hurts after computer use.
I sometimes have double vision.
I am clumsy accident prone.
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