Dear Neighbors, Last year the Dover Town Board appointed members to the Master Plan Advisory Committee (MPAC) and charged us with the task of revising the current Master Plan. Our objective is to envision what the Town will look like in ten to twenty years and to propose how we can get there. The first step in hearing your opinion is this survey. We would like everyone in the The Town of Dover, ages 18 and older to complete the survey. We are seeking your thoughts regarding the future of the Town, rather than its past or what it is like today. Our Goal is to write a plan which will truly reflect the opinions of the people of Dover. We want to hear from everyone, long time residents and newcomers, renters and owners, weekenders and full timers , young, old and everyone in between. Your responses are confidential. Please note that this survey will not be the only opportunity for you to voice your opinion, but an initial poll to give our Committee some direction. Our first Town wide meeting will be held in the Fall. Please watch for information on the date and location. Thank you for your time. Town of Dover, New York Master Plan Advisory Committee
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