CrossRef Usability Study Survey
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Dynamic Diagrams and CrossRef are seeking researchers to take part in a usability study of online journals. This is a great opportunity for you to influence web resources that you and other researchers use regularly. Participants who are selected and complete the 90-minute study will be compensated with an Amazon gift card worth $100 (US dollars or an equivalent amount in your currency). Studies will be taking place in late October or early November, 2010.

In this usability study, individual participants like you complete a set of tasks online, using prototype journal articles. We observe you and ask questions to determine how well the journal features meet your needs. We use the information to improve the online journal features. This is an individual study, not a focus group.

Studies will take place online -- you use your own computer, web browser, internet connection and telephone to participate from your location.

If this sounds like something that interests you, please answer the questions that follow to determine whether your background matches our needs for the study.


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