Survey: Voicing Political Ads Hi, What an election we've just been through! More money spent ... more anger vented ... but also, maybe more voice over work for you? VoiceOverXtra is partnering with Bill Smith of The Acting Studio in Denver, CO - and a veteran political voice talent himself - to learn the actions and attitudes of voice actors during this raucous mid-term election campaign. The result will be a very informative and FREE report available to everyone. So, if you voiced one or more political ads during this campaign, would you please take a few moments to answer these questions ANONYMOUSLY? We'd appreciate your reply no later than Wednesday, Nov. 24. But why wait? Take the survey now! Note: VoiceOverXtra is "neutral" on political issues. This survey seeks data on the voicing of political ads - but not political opinions. Thank you! John Florian VoiceOverXtra Web: Email: Phone: 203-459-8834 Bill Smith The Acting Studio Web:
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