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KDL Winter Reading Road Trip Survey
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Required 1.

How did you learn about Winter Reading Road Trip?

Branch flyers/posters
KDL website
Radio advertisement
BookPage magazine
KDL staff member
Required 2.

Rate your satisfaction with the following features of the program

 Very disappointed Somewhat disappointed Neutral Satisfied Very satisfied 
Road trip format
Length of program (Dec -Mar)
Challenges (Web and Off the Beaten Path)
KDL booklists
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Why did you participate in Winter Reading Road Trip? (Please choose as many as you like from the following)

For fun
To find new reading material
To support the organization
You know the organizers or participants
Something to do
Required 4.

What is your level of satisfaction with the event?

Very disappointed
Somewhat disappointed
I enjoyed it
I loved it!

Do you have any suggestions for improving Winter Reading Road Trip?


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