Balance Studio 2010 Year End Survey
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We have just celebrated our 2nd year anniversary; how long have you been a student at Balance Studio?

Less than 6 months
6 months to less than 1 year
1 year to less than 2 years
Since you opened the doors!
I am not a student yet.
Required 2.

Which type of class do you attend? Select all that apply.

VInyasa Flow level II or II/III
Vinyasa Flow level I
Hatha or Gentle Yoga
Pilates Mat Class
Pilates Equipment Privates or Group Classes
Balanced Barre Class
Workshops and or Cleanses
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How frequently do you attend class?  Please use the "other" box to note if you come to a variety of classes each week and please specify your frequency.

Every day
3-5 times a week
1-3 times a week
A few times a month
I haven't been in a while

How would you rate the quality of our teachers at Balance Studio?  Check all that apply.

I love the teachers at Balance Studio.
The teachers are knowledgeable and compassionate.
The teachers accomadate individual needs in the classes.
Teacher communications are clear and concise.
I love some of the teachers but not all.
I am somewhat unimpressed by the teachers.
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Required 5.

How is Balance Studio performing in the following areas?

 Well Below Average Below Average Average Above Average Well Above Average 
Class offerings: types and times of the classes
The cleanliness and atmoshpere of the studio
Quality of retail products offered
Our website: It's ease of use and information
Approachability of our studio staff and teachers
Our pricing structure; drop ins, 10 passes and/or monthly passes
The knowledge and professionalism of our teachers
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Would you be interested in any of the following additions or changes to our schedule?  Check all that apply.

I would be in interested in a 12:45-1:45pm Hot Yoga Class. Please specify days below.
I would be interested in a 12:45-1:45pm weekday Balanced Barre classe....please specify below
I would be interested in a Tuesday or Thursday 8:00am Balanced Barre class.
I would be in interested in a Thursday 12:45-1:45pm Gentle Hatha Class.
I would be interested in more level 1 Vinyasa classes
I would be interested in more level 1 Pilates Classes
What additional classes or workshops would make Balance Studio shine for you?
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Would you be interested in  "Drop-In" Pilates Equipment classes?  For example;  A beginner group class on a Monday am @ 10:30 or an intermediate group class on a Wednesday @ 11:30am.  Space would be limited to the first 4 people that signed up for each spot each week. 


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Would you be interested in the following?  Please check all that apply.

Childrens and Teen classes offerings
Additional weekend workshops
Additional group cleans offerings
More nutritionally focused workshops
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If you have never tried a Pilates Equipment Session, please tell us why?

I don't know enough about Pilates and the benefits that it offers.
It seems too expensive to me.
I can't find time in my schedule that works with the studio availability.
I really want to work in a group, but can't find enough people with the same schedule or level of experience.
I am not at all interested in Pilates.
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Is expense an issue in your participation and/or commitment to Balance Studio?

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Are you aware that we have offered a $79.00 Unlimited Monthly pass in the past?


Would you reccomend Balance Studio to a friend?


Do you have any suggestions for improving Balance Studio?


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Which category describes your age?
Younger than 18
18 - 24
25 - 34
35 - 44
45 - 54
55 - 64
65 or older
Prefer not to answer