Body Balance for Performance Survey: How can we help you?
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Required 1.

Please select the most correct option: Currently I _______

own a business
own a franchise
work at a non-franchise company in a manager position
work at a franchise company in a manager position
work at a company as a staff member (non-manager position)
Required 2.

How many employees work at your company including you (your specific location, not nationwide)

1-5 employees
6-10 employees
more than 10 employees
Required 3.

I work at: (select all that apply)

In a clinical facility (physical therapist, hospital, etc.)
Fitness Center
Independent or Self Owned Company
In Other's Homes
In a Corporate Setting
At a Resort
Required 4.

Do you work in a golf related business?

Required 5.

At my place of employment I feel empowered to improve the company.

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree       
Required 6.

Please Rank the areas below you would like your business to improve in:

(1 = Select 1 for the least improvement needed and 4 for the most improvement needed)
Training Clients
Business Administration
Required 7.

Please check all areas you would like your company to improve in:

Business Relationships
Getting People in the Door
Developing Marketing Pieces
Establishing Your Market
Advertising for Clients
Closing Programs
Renewing Clients
Selling Services
Getting Prospects to Buy
Exercise Library
Trainer Certification
Financial Issues
Management of Employees
Time Management
Strategic Planning
Required 8.

Where have you sought solutions to the above listed problems recently or in previous years?  If you select other, please list who.

Magazines and Articles
Previous Employers
Non-Business Related Friends
Business Related Friends
Other experts in your field
Other employees in your company
Required 9.

I am interested in improving my business (place of employment):

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Stongly Disagree       

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