How Humans Fight the Laws of Nature -- And Lose: Your favorite cover

Which book cover appeals to you the most?  We'll make the most popular choice the cover of the upcoming book by Bill Caswell, How Humans Fight the Laws of Nature -- And Lose.

Right now, your thoughts about the book cover are more important than any knowledge you have about the book's content.  So just judge by your gut instinct (but you can add any comments you wish to explain your thoughts or to offer suggestions.)

You can receive more information by clicking on the book's website link.  

Once you've completed the survey, you'll also be able to see how your vote compares to others.

You can vote anonymously or, if you register, we'll send you a free sample chapter when the book is published and provide you with a special 25 per cent introductory discount on the book.  (Price is yet to be set -- and of course you don't need to purchase the book!)


Here are five cover designs for the new book, How Humans Fight the Laws of Nature -- And Lose.  Please vote for your favorite choice.

Choice A
Choice B
Choice C
Choice D
Choice E
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If you wish, you can request a free sample chapter and additional information.

You can receive more information about the book here.