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2011 Member Card - Business Application
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Introducing the RNRA Member Card!
This elegant wallet-sized card will be offered free of charge to thousands of residents and employees of local firms, granting registered cardholders year-long access to exclusive "Members-Only" discounts at local establishments.
Participating businesses receive all standard RNRA Annual Sponsor benefits, plus: logo & discount offer placement on a special web page; on full-color posters & in cardholder delivery materials; and "Member Card Accepted Here" signage.


The "fine print".

None of the third parties involved in the creation, marketing or administration of the Member Card, including the River North Residents Association (“RNRA”), shall be considered parties to any transaction between you and any customer doing business with you pursuant to such discounts.  Likewise, your participation in the Member Card program does not represent any endorsement by RNRA or any other third party of your business or Member Card discounts, and should not be interpreted as such.

The Member Card program shall operate on a yearly basis, with expiration/renewal at or about the end of February each year. Standard discounts must: 1) remain effective until expiration; 2) represent at least 25% of gross transaction value before tax and gratuity; and 3) match or exceed any other offer currently available to the general public. Reasonable day-of-week and/or holiday restrictions are acceptable.

You are also welcome to offer (and advise RNRA of) other special discounts during the year, either independent of, or in conjunction with, your standard discount to Member Card cardholders. Such special offers will be posted on the Member Card web page.

For your information, we will be providing certain instructions/options to the consumer cardholders, at registration and/or through periodic newsletters or other channels. These include the following: 1) that we recommend tipping on the full amount of the goods or services, rather than on the discounted amount; 2) that their cards will have no cash value; 3) that they may opt (at registration) to share their contact information with participating business; 4) that they are encouraged to visit the Member Card web page periodically for program updates.

No part of the Member Card program shall be interpreted so as to run afoul of applicable law.

Required 1.

RNRA Member Card Program

Please indicate your preference and describe proposed discount offer in the space below

Note: as this is a new program, RNRA reserves the right to delay or cancel launch if unable to secure a sufficient number of participating businesses to make the program economically and commercially viable. In this event, all applicable fees will be refunded.

RNBA Discount: River North Business Association members receive 20% off 1st-year Member Card sponsor fees.

Yes, please sign me up as a participating Member Card business - $250.00 for non-members of the RNBA (my discount offer is described below)
Yes, please sign me up as a participating Member Card business - $200.00 for members of the RNBA (my discount offer is described below)
No, thanks
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DBA (if different from Company Name listed above)



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RNBA Membership

Member Card participants that do not yet belong to the RNBA but wish to learn about the opportunity, please indicate your preference below. A River North Business Association representative will contact those who express interest to discuss the benefits of membership

Yes, please contact me about joining the RNBA
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Payment Options

For your convenience, sponsorship fees may be paid by check, credit card, or through your PayPal account.  Please indicate your preference below so that we can send the appropriate invoice.

I prefer to pay by check
I prefer to pay by credit card or PayPal

In-Kind Sponsorship Opportunities.

If your business provides website management, graphic design, marketing, public relations, printing, delivery, or other administrative services, we would be happy to discuss the possibility of your providing products or services to RNRA in exchange for sponsorship credit and promotional consideration.

If you are interested in exploring potential in-kind sponsorship opportunities, please click the option below and describe your prodicucts or services in the space provided.

Yes, please contact me to discuss in-kind sponsorship.
No, thanks.
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Submit Application

By clicking on the "Finish" button below, your sponsorship application will be submitted. An RNRA representative will be in touch with you to discuss your application, as well as related logo and ad content requirements. You will receive a confirmation by email.

In addition to the Member Card program, RNRA offers a variety of affordable and effective ways to promote your business through our website, e-newsletters, and annual outdoor film festival. Visit us at rnrachicago.org for more information or call 312-235-2617 with any questions.

Thanks very much for your support of our community!