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Is there a colleague, teacher, supervisor who you admire for excellent practice, who inspires you?  Nominate that person for an Emily Fenichel Award for Excellence! Nominations are being accepted through the end of February. Read on for more details.


Nominations are invited for the 2011 Emily Fenichel Award for Excellence in the Zero-to-Three Field in New York. Established by the New York Zero-to-Three Network in 2007, the award honors the memory of Emily Fenichel, MSW, Associate Director of ZERO TO THREE: The National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families, whose work often served to bring the voices of “unsung heroes” in the zero-to-three field to the fore. Because many zero-to-three leaders and professionals work quietly in their schools or organizations without much public acknowledgement, the Emily Fenichel Award is intended to provide an opportunity for their dedication to be recognized.

Nominees may be a supervisor, a teacher, a community advocate, a home visitor, a therapist, a childcare worker, a parent, a policymaker – anyone whose contributions to infants and toddlers through practice, research, leadership or advocacy are deemed exemplary by a panel of judges.

We must have your completed nominations by February 28, 2011.


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The recipient of the 2011 Emily Fenichel Award will be announced in March 2011 and the award will be presented at the New York Zero-to-Three Network’s Annual Spring Conference to be held in May 2011 in New York City.



Emily Fenichel was a pioneer in what has become the field of “zero to three,” a body of knowledge, a network of people and programs, and a movement dedicated to promoting the well-being of infants and toddlers.  Fenichel spent 30 years at ZERO TO THREE: The National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families, starting in its early days when there were only two employees and growing into her roles as Associate Director, editor-in-chief of the influential bimonthly journal Zero to Three, staff coordinator of the National Training Institutes, and mentor to leaders all over North America and beyond. Fenichel’s openness, patience, capacity to respect others, and unparalleled editing skills brought unheard voices to the field’s notice and helped create a sense of community for professionals working with infants and toddlers across disciplinary, systemic and national boundaries.  She was responsible for guiding and inspiring numerous publications that defined the zero-to-three field, including DC 0-3R, now a classic. Fenichel traveled far and wide helping people put their ideas, programs, and stories into words.  She transformed doers into writers and leaders, and the world of ideas which were becoming the zero-to-three field enlarged. Humble by nature, Fenichel possessed vision, a towering intellect, a formidable memory, a dead-pan, sharp sense of humor, unusual kindness, and a remarkable ability to listen deeply.  She also adored babies. Tragically, Fenichel died in a traffic accident on June 8, 2006 in Washington, DC.



2007 -  Mary W. Byrne, PhD.

2008 -  Margaret Kaplan, PhD, OTR

2009 - Evelyn Davis, MD

2010 - Andrew Racine, MD


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For further information about The Emily Fenichel Award, please contact Pamela at the New York Zero-to-Three Network at 718-638-7788 or