Mayborn Planetarium Teacher's Survey
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Please help us determine how to expand our programming for schools by answering the questions below. 

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Rank the types of programming below based on how well it fits your classroom/curriculum needs:

(1 = Best)
Diverse cultures/historical shows
Human body/Anatomy & Physiology
Arts and humanities
Animals and dinosaurs
Other (please specify or comment below)
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Required 2.

Which of the following, if any, would you consider for an additional fee as an add-on to a planetarium field trip? You many pick multiple answers.

After viewing an astronomy show, students will get to do activities like a planet walk, looking through a solar telescope, etc.
After viewing Tales of the Maya Sky or similar show, students gather in a classroom to work on math problems using the Mayan counting system.
After viewing an animal or dinosaur show, students will create a craft animal to place in our lobby exhibit with the work of other students.
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Required 3.

Are there TEKS in your subject area or grade level would benefit from a visual representation in the form of animation?  If so, please describe below.


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Required 4.

What TAKS test concepts would benefit from outside the classroom enrichment?


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Required 5.

Would your school be interested in holding  a free teacher inservice at the planetarium? This would include free previews of a number of our programs, use of the facility for presentations, and if requested, team building activities.

Definitely, please contact me
Possibly; I'll contact you
Probably not
Required 6.

Would you be interested in participating in a focus group discussion to help us plan future programming?

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Have you visited the planetarium on a school field trip?


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School, grade level and subject taught:


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