Work Exchange Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Om Sweet Om's Work-Exchange Program!

Our work-exchange program is for sincere yoga students who want to be more involved in the Om Sweet Om community.  It is an opportunity for you to donate time and work instead of money for yoga!!!


 Our front desk and cleaning positions require at least one shift per week:  One shift = 1 hour of work. We require a minimum commitment of 4 shifts per week, and a minimum commitment of six months.  This is not a volunteer position. Work-exchange staff must demonstrate respect, reliability and accountability. In exchange, you receive unlimited yoga at OmSweet Om. If you cannot dedicate 4 hours of your time and you are still wanting to participate, please see us, as we may workout an alternative arrangement (ie. less hours = less yoga) 


To be eligible for the Om Sweet Om work exchange program you must, have attended Om Sweet Om classes for at least three months, commit to the position for at least six months, be dependable and punctual, regularly attend Om Sweet Om yoga classes


If you meet these criteria, please complete the application below with as much detail as possible. we will contact you via email soon.

Please be sensitive to the fact that we may not be able to offer Work Exchange positions to all whom apply.