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What position(s) are you interested in?
Position Descriptions
 President-  Look at the big picture of UPC, manage UPC

 VP of Programming-  In charge of managing all Forms, Room Reservations, Food Orders, Production Schedules, Hospitality, Contracts, etc.

VP of Marketing- Responsible for overseeing all UPC Marketing events and committees

UPC Promotions and Advertising- Responsible for planning events to get UPC’s name out there.  

Graphic Designer- Responsible for the design of all posters, handbills, table tents, and other event materials

Social Media/Spotlight- Responsible for sending out the spotlight every week as well as posting events on facebook and twitter

Cinevents-Responsible for all movies shown and for planning an event around the movie

Special Events and Traditions-Responsible for planning UPC’s annual events (First Night Frostburg, Murder Mystery Diner, Springfest, Family Weekend) and producing never before done events for a crowd of over 200

Variety and Music-Responsible for planning and implementing all events dealing with music, comedians, hypnotists, magicians, etc.

Lectures and Cultural Excursions-Responsible for bringing in Speakers and planning off campus trips with a cultural purpose.

Interactive and Creative Events-Responsible for planning events that involve students directly interacting with each other.  




Vice President of Marketing
Vice President of Programming
UPC Promotions and Advertising
Social Media/Spotlight
Special Events and Traditions
Variety and Music
Lectures and Cultural Excursions
Graphic Designer
Interactive and Creative Events
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Why do you want to join the University Programming Council?




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What qualifications or skills do you possess that would help you be successful in this position?




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What is your definition of a leader? 









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What are the most important qualities in a student leader? 



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How would you market/advertise for Springfest?

This year the Springfest theme is Biggest Party of the Year. There will be attractions in the Upper Quad during the day concluding with an after party in the Lane University Center






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How do you plan to balance UPC responsibilities and academics?




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List any organizations, jobs, or clubs you are involved in and describe your time commitents for each.




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Pick  one organization, club, or job you have been involved in. Please discuss what made this a positive experience and what could have been done to improve your experience.


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Describe yourself in three words.


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Please describe why you should be offered membership to the University Programming Council.




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