Online Care for Providers Site Feedback Survey
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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Online Care for Providers site and complete this brief survey about your experience.  Your feedback is essential to ensuring that Online Care for Providers becomes a valued tool for practices nationwide.

Remember, all responses are completely confidential.

Required 1.

Please rate the following attributes of the Online Care for Providers site:

 Excellent Good Fair Unsatisfactory  
General appearance  
Ease of use/navigation  
Clarity of information  
Relevance of information to my practice  
Overall satisfaction with the site  
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Required 2.

To what extent do you agree with the following statements?

 Strongly agree Somewhat agree Somewhat disagree Strongly disagree  
The value of telehealth for practices was clearly explained  
The site gave me the information that I needed about the product  
The steps for purchasing Online Care for Providers were clear  
I found the Downloads section of the site interesting and/or helpful  
Based on the site content, I believe Online Care for Providers would be valuable for my practice  
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Required 3.

Please rank the appeal of each of the following Online Care benefits to your practice:

(1 = Most Valuable)
Revenue generation (e.g., billing unpaid phone/email interactions with existing patients, or seeing new patients)
Convenience, lifestyle flexibility
Practice efficiency
Risk management
Expanded services (e.g. adding nutritionist or therapist services to my practice)
Concierge services
Remote patient visits
Specialty consults
Reducing readmissions
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Required 4.

On the basis of this website, to what extent are you interested in using Online Care in your practice?

Note: your response will not lead to a follow-up from American Well, unless you have requested one on the contact form on the Online Care For Providers site

Very interested
Somewhat interested
Not very interested
Not at all interested
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