Thank you for taking the time to register as a participant of "OPEN" 2011. If you have questions about the registration form or can not complete all the questions, please answer to your best ability and feel free to call our office for support. Today is the day that we join hands together for the presentation of the Region's only art expo, awakening the senses of our community to experience the wonder of the arts. "OPEN" 2011 will give your organization or collective the opportunity to captivate, intrigue and cultivate new audiences and patrons. In the inspiring words of Ben Cameron, program director for the arts at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, we move forward, "The arts, whatever they do, whenever they call us together, invite us to look at our fellow human being with generosity and curiosity ... if we ever needed that capacity in human history, we need it now. You know, we're bound together, not, I think, by technology, entertainment and design, but by common cause. We work to promote healthy vibrant societies, to ameliorate human suffering, to promote a more thoughtful, substantive, empathic world order." "Creatively yours," Jessica Solomon Bluestein Executive Director
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