Shift Point for Women's Circles! Calling New Thought Spiritual Sisters & Friends

Inspired by enthusiasm for The Heart to Lead, YOU and your peers have brought to light an important phenomenon in our spiritual community that signals a real SHIFT POINT.

Have you ever wondered how many women's circles, groups, and initiatives are out there in the New Thought movment and among friends of New Thought? The response to screening Heart to Lead makes it clear that there are hundreds of them, whether among three women or a circle of 50, and it's time to identfy ourselves as a network of aligned vision. AGNT would like to spearhead an exploration of what it will take to create the next phase of women’s empowerment, in all sectors of expertise, with global and grassroots leadership integrated,  and with the irrevocable mandate that spirituality and humanity are always the foundation of our work. Help us ALL take the next step by answering a few basic questions:


Please confirm your basics below:

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To the best of your ability to describe, what can you say about the presence of a women's group of any kind in your spiritual--or aligned--community?

(Check all that apply)

There is an established group that meets regularly
An informal group gathers on a semi-regular basis
We have special occasions for women gathering (retreat, event, project)
There are (or could be..) plans to convene a Dialogue Group after screening The Heart to Lead
I am part of a personal group, as an individual, that might be interested in connecting
No group exists, but would be interested in forming with the right support
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If you are part of an established group, how long has it been together?

(Check all that apply)

Less than one year
1-2 years
2-4 years
Over 4 years
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If you are part of an established group, how often does it meet?

(Check all that apply)

Once a month
Once a week
Whenever there is need or spirit calls
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If you are part of an existing group. can you estimate an approximate number of women connected? If there is no group at present, but some interest in one, can you estimate how many others you think might participate?

Less than 10
100 or more
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If New Thought women were able to co-create a network of such groups within our spiritual community as a whole, what are your feelings about participation in such a "field?"

Our group would welcome the opportunity to lean more, and perhaps "opt in"
I would consider leading my group, along with my team of collaborators, in such an initiative
There is not much openness (or ability) to participate outside my local area
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Our "appreciative inquiry" will begin with a series of informal telephone conversations with women who are: a) Group leaders and facilitators, b) Ministers, c) Leaders the NT movement (Unity, CSL, Agape, ANTN, UFBL). Would YOU want to be contacted for any of these conversations?

YES: I am a group leader, facilitator, or interested in taking initiative
YES: I am a senior or associate Minister
YES: I am a staff member, appointee, volunteer, or Board member
NO, not at this time
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If such a "network of networks" were to emerge within our spiritual and conscious community of women, what--in your personal opinion-- would be some of the key ideas or areas of insigh/action that would be critical for us to explore together?


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Peace and Blessings,

Dr. Barbara Fields      Dr. Kathy Hearn      Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell    Dr. Carol Carnes

Executive Director, AGNT    Spiritual Director, UCSL    The Unity Center                      Calgary CSL