9 Characterstics of High Performing Schools
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One of the breakout sessions that I attended at the Title conference was on RTI and how it relates to the nine characterstics of high performing schools.  I would like to get your honest and anonymous feedback on how we are doing in those nine areas.  It is important that we keep these traits in sight as we plan.  I encourage each of you to help the school continuously remain focused on these characterstics.

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Please rank the 9 characterstics of high performing schools from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) based on this school year to date.



 1-Lowest 5-Highest 
Clear and Shared Focus
High Standards and Expectations for All Students
Effective School Leadership
High Levels of Collaboration and Communication
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Aligned with Standards
Frequent Monitoring of Learning and Teaching
Focused Professional Development
Supportive Learning Environment
High Levels of Family and Community Involvement
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