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The Good Planet Company Survey

How long have you been shopping at The Good Planet Company?


have never shopped at The Good Planet Company
less than one year
more than one year, less than five years
for as long as I can remember!

Which of our products have you purchased? Select all that apply.


bedding & bath
baby products
household products
mattresses and accessories
books and stationery

How frequently do you come into the store?


Every week
Every month
Every quarter
Once or twice a year
I have shopped at, but never in store
I have never shopped at The Good Planet Company's store or website

How would you rate your level of satisfaction with us?


Highly satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Highly dissatisfied
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How do we rate on the following attributes?



 Awful Could be better Passable Good Fabulous! 
Customer service
Quality of products
Understanding your needs
Sales staff
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How likely is it that you would recommend The Good Planet Company to a friend or colleague?


Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
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Do you have any suggestions for improving The Good Planet Company?  New services?  New products?  A different shopping environment? 




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If you have ever shopped or browsed at we would like to ask if you have experienced... 



Broken links
Problems with checkout process
Confusing layout or product hierarchy
Confusing product descriptions
Other problems (describe below)
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Do you pick up any of the following publications at least once a month?


Monday magazine
Focus magazine
Times Colonist newspaper
Common Ground
Georgia Strait

Which category describes your age? 


A kid
A young adult
In the prime of my life
Still in my prime, but getting up there

What category describes your income level?


Barely squeaking by
Watching my pennies, but doing alright
Fairly comfortable, my material needs are met
Cash! Pension Plan! Real Estate! Bling! I'm doing great!
How dare you ask such a question. Mind your own business.

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate The Good Planet Company! 
If you would like a response to any of your comments, please leave us your name and e-mail address in the spaces below.  If not, please just leave this area blank. 

Warm regards from all of us here at "The Planet"!
We hope to see you in-store or on-line again soon!






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