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Kincaid Coach Lines Ski Trip Customer Survey
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We will use this information solely for the purpose of evaluating the customer experience we are providing on our charters.  This information will NOT be shared with anyone outside of Kincaid Coach Lines nor will we contact you in the future without explicit permission to do so.

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Winter Park
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Please rate all of the drivers on your ski trip.
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Please rate the following aspects of your experience in booking and taking your ski trip.

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Your drivers
Your experience in booking the charter
Overall responsiveness of our staff.
Our effectiveness in answering your questions.
Timeliness of our response to your inquiry / questions.
Adherence to schedule (were we on time?)
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Please rank the following characteristics of your motorcoach.

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Air-Conditioning / Heating  
Cleanliness (windows, interior, exterior)  
Public Adress System  
Noise Level (inside, outside)  
Restocking of Ice and Water  
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Where did you stay?


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Please rate you lodging accommodations.

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How would you rate your overall level of satisfaction with this trip?

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Would you book another ski trip with us in the future?

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How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?

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Please share any suggestions for improvement.


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