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2016 Banquet Volunteer Food Items & Supplies : ) Thank you!

Please let us know which of these items you can bring to the April 24, 2016 Annual Banquet. We would be so grateful! Sincerely, Kiki Edgar & Noni Reyes Smalls

Utensils (Forks, Spoons, Knives) Paper Napkins, Paper Plates (Small or Large) and Paper Bowls Any type of salad Chips of any kind Dips of any kind Bread (rolls or slices) Any side dishes, some example include pasta, potato dishes ext (this is a broad section) Whole wheat rice Whole wheat tortillas Mustard, sauces, or spreads that go on fajitas or burritos Vegetables (cooked or raw) Fruit Fajita meat (chicken, turkey or beef) Chicken dishes Spaghetti (with meatballs) Ground beef dishes Desserts (cookies, brownies, or any other finger food/small desserts are great)

618 910-0084

916 275-1321


Utensils - Forks, Spoons Knives
Paper Napkins, Paper Plates (Small or Large) and Paper Bowls
Any Type of Salad
Chips of Any Kind
Dips of Any Kind
Bread (Rolls or Slices)
Any Side Dishes, some Examples Include Pasta, Potato Dishes Ect. (this is a broad selection)
Whole Wheat Rice
Whole Wheat Tortillas
Mustard, Sauces, or Spreads that go on Fajitas or Burritos
Vegetables (cooked or raw)
Fajita Meat - Chicken Turkey or Beef
Chicken Dishes
Spaghetti w Meatballs
Ground Beef Dishes
Deserts (cookies, brownies or any other small finger size foods/deserts are great)
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