Episcopal Diocese of Maryland DERT/MD Disaster Response Resource Survey
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Disaster Emergency Response Team of Maryland
In the Diocese of Maryland and beyond there are disasters both natural and man-made - tornadoes, flooding, coal mine explosions, oil spills, earthquakes, school shootings and more. Each of us responds as best we can or is left to ask: What could I have done to help? Or, how could we have all helped?
To answer that question, and to prepare our response to future disasters (from local to international, large or small), Bishop Sutton has authorized the formation of a diocesan disaster preparedness and response leadership team and a volunteer network in association with Episcopal Relief and Development. He has appointed Sharon Tillman, director of communications for the diocese, to coordinate these efforts.
The first step is developing the leadership team, Disaster Emergency Response Team of Maryland (DERT/MD). These are people throughout the diocese who will work to coordinate our efforts and be leaders in our disaster response.
A roundtable discussion was held at the Diocesan Center on Sept. 9, the first meeting of potential DERT/MD leaders. 

In order for the diocese to effectively respond to a disaster in our diocese or elsewhere, we need to know what our resources are and how prepared we might be. This information will also help us coordinate our response with local, state and federal government agencies, and other denominations and groups. In order to help us begin the process of creating an effective disaster response plan, please return this short survey.





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Because of Maryland’s location, we must have a good structure in place to handle most scenarios. Hypothetically, in the event of another Hurricane Isabel, which slammed into central-Maryland leaving behind in its wake flooding, property damage, long-term power outages and injuries, what might your parish’s response be in the first 72 hours?
In the following month? In the following year?


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Does your parish have a disaster response plan for your property and/or local community?

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Please describe the human resources available in your parish. (For example, are there medical or construction professionals, government officials, speakers of another language, etc. in your parish?)


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Please describe the physical resources available in your parish (commercially-licensed kitchen, van or bus + driver(s), off-street parking or located near state evacuation route, handicap-accessible parish hall, etc).


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Please describe additional resources (partnerships, community relationships, ecumenical or interfaith relationships, etc).


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Is your parish currently involved in a ministry related to or in response to a specific disaster or community need (Gulf Coast, Haiti, Sudan, soup kitchen, healthcare, etc.)?

Yes (if yes, please describe)
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Is there are disaster coordinator (or similar) in your parish?

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Thank you for completing the Disaster Emergency Response Team of Maryland resource survey. Please contact Sharon Tillman, diocesan disaster response coordinator, with any questions, or visit our webpage, www.EpiscopalMaryland.org/DERT. 800-443-1399 or stillman@episcopalmaryland.org