Temple Beth Am Adult Education Survey

Please share your experience with our adult education programming this year, so that we can best meet your needs and interests.


Please select your age range:


Do you have children currently enrolled in our Religious School?

No, not at this time
Yes, and they attend both Sundays and Tuesdays
Yes, and they only attend on Sundays
Yes, and they only attend Tuesday nights

Please select the communication tools you found to be the most helpful this year in learning about programming:

Friend or colleague
Email announcement (e-happenings, email blast, etc)
Flyer or postcard
Temple Bulletin
Temple Beth Am's website
Social media site (Facebook, etc.)
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Please rate your level of interest in the following topics:

 Very interested Interested Neutral Somewhat interested Not at all interested 
Jewish History
Local and World Politics
Arts and Culture
Health and Medicine
Food and Cooking
Israel and Mid-East Affairs
Basic Judaism
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Please rate your level of satisfaction with each of our adult education programs this year:

 Very dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Somewhat satisfied Very satisfied Not applicable 
Sunday Morning Forums
University Lecture Series
Scholar-in-Residence Weekend
BAPA-Parent Forums
Cooking classes
Hebrew Language classes
Tuesday evening speakers or series
Yoga Classes
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Our Sunday Morning Forum program currently happens every Sunday, but we are considering changing its frequency. Please select how often you would like to see this program happen:

Every Sunday - I love that there's always something happening for me Sunday mornings
Twice a month - Sometimes I like to do things off-site but I like knowing I can attend at least most of them
Once a month - I feel overwhelmed by how many programs there are and would prefer it this program becomes a monthly option
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Please select how often you attended our adult education programs this year:

Once a Week
1-2 times a month
Every 2-3 months
Once or twice a year
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Please identify obstacles which prevented you from participating in any of our programs throughout the year (check all that apply):

Timing did not work for me
Lack of child care
Program topics did not interest me
I didn't know anyone and felt uncomfortable going by myself
I was not aware of the programs happening
I was teaching or in another class at the same time
Too busy
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If you’d be willing to share your time and thoughts with our Adult Education Committee, please include the following information:


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