Zac's Tracs - Iowa Snowmobile Survey

Hello and thank you for taking part in our 8 question survey!


Avalanche dangers while mountain snowmobiling are very real however statistics specifically related to the number of riders at risk aren’t readily available. 

Without numbers it is hard to gauge the needs of the industry and even harder to gauge our successes.

Common questions are:

·                  How many riders are at risk? 

·                  How many riders travel in from the prairie States and Provinces?

·                  Are they packing the essentials? 

·                  Are they looking to newer technologies? 

·                  Are they seeking training? 

·                  Are riders choosing gear over training to manage their risks?

For the most part we all make educated guesses to answer these questions. 
This survey attempts to generate answers to these questions.


Perhaps formal studies of this community will take place sometime in the future.  For now  guesses are better than nothing, so.... let's get started!


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